‘As we draw from Observation, the marks we make not only describe the form or contours of the subject, but also begins to express those aspects we are most interested in or curious about as individuals.’ Martin Salisbury, Children’s Picture Books

Over the last year my Partner has been restoring an old sailing boat, and Tinker went on the water this summer. We’ve been having lots of fun learning to sail and exploring the rivers near Levington in Ipswich.

I’ve been taking my sketchbook and visually recording our adventures! I’ve been using a China pencil to draw the shapes and shading and adding the detail after with a brush pen. This has encouraging me to draw what I can actually see. I’ve been reading, ‘Drawing on the right side of the brain’, which describes how as children we learn to see the world through symbols and therefore draw using these symbols. An oval shape to describe an eye, a circle for a face etc. As adults we continue to draw symbolically, which uses the left logistical side of the brain rather than the intuitive right side.

I’ve been interested in how to compose a small space on the page. It highlights for me the intimate relationship between sailor and boat. How the sailor looks after the boat, and in return the boat looks after the sailor. Simple compositions work better for me, because I feel more connected to what I am drawing.

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