Film Compositions

Over the lockdown many Artists and Illustrators have joined a film sketch challenge, created by Illustrator Victoria Semykina; a fun challenge to stay creative and connected within an Artistic Community on instgram.

I’ve been using this challenge to help me identify exciting and interesting compositions. I’m keen to observe how the composition can communicate and tell a story to the viewer. I felt very drawn to close ups, displaying intimate moments.

It helped me engage with the movie in a new way. I noticed the complimentary colour scheme of blue and red/orange throughout. Associating the redness of the women’s hair with the earth, and their denim cloths with the car and sky felt metaphorical for the emotions felt throughout the film. Using warm colours of the earth to frame the cooler colours of the car, visually communicates the the scene, and heightens the emotions of the viewer.

Can you guess the movie?

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