End of Year Show; Incisive Exhibition


My work explores concepts of time and communicating a sensory atmosphere of impermanence, of a transient moment that existed and now lingers as a memory. Using mediums of Graphite and Dry Point Etching, themes of Heritage, Journeys and generational links of the Family are manipulated to communicate how memory becomes projected and distorted.

drawing is central to my practice and I have been using parchment paper which allows me to layer up compositions and capture a sense of the transience of time. Through the semi-translucent material shadow imagery emerges as a visual representation of memory. A ghostly, melancholic feel is produced that processes a feeling of loss and grief.

The Language of drawing and mark making enables me to express something raw and immediate in my experience. I am interested in the use of drawing to respond to a site and explore how a space can be transformed through the immediacy and qualities of the media. On my last visit to my Grandparents house I became interested in how memory becomes projected and distorted. I have begun to explore this through the shadows cast inside and outside the house and the shapes formed by the buildings on my walk between my house and theirs.

Dry point Printing has become an extension of drawing and allowed me to play and experiment further with a sensory sensation. Repeating an image to create movement in the composition and fading ink, further explores the projection and distortion of shadow as a visual memory.

The Artpocket Postgrads had our end of year show at Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich and was curated by our wonderful tutor, Becky Tough.

Illustrations for the Norwich Buddhist Centre


I have recently been commissioned by the Norwich Buddhist Centre to produce some illustrations for new postcard advertisement for their Buddhism, Yoga and Meditation Classes.

As a member of the Buddhist Community at the NBC, I love the feeling of walking through their doors into an open, warm and peaceful space. I have tried to capture this essence in my drawings.

Life Drawing in Berlin

In May I went on a Drawing Holiday to Berlin with Drawing Escapes , led by the wonderful and experienced Tutor Martyn Blundell. Martyn has a wealth of experience in leading drawing workshops from his career in lecturing at many different Universities including Central St Martins and Nottingham Trent.

Drawing on holiday in a new environment was an exciting and challenging experience. I was more sensitive and open to new sights, sensations and sounds that translated into my drawing with a heightened curiosity to the human form. Inspired by the architecture of Berlin I was interested in line and form within my drawing. I was introduced to new approaches to looking and drawing that has translated into my artistic practice with how I respond to capturing light.

I discovered new Artworks at the Magic Bean Gallery from Artist Seungmo Park. His work is engaged with the evanescent properties of seeing and sensing, and the transitory nature of perception.

I was very moved visiting Berlin, with its rich and poignant history. The arresting sculpture that marks where the Berlin Wall stood, and the coffin like concrete of the memorial to the murdered Jews. The simplicity and rawness of the material gives voice to the harrowing echoes of the past.

Spanish study trip with Artpocket


Feeling into the unknown is a common sensation for an Artist. Communicating a felt expression for something that cant be put into words. When I travel abroad, to a new or unfamiliar place, this feeling of something unknown that I so often explore in my work is suddenly all around me; new places, smells, sounds. It feeds me with a rich, creative, revitalising energy.

I went to Salamanca and Madrid in April with the Artpocket community. One of the Museums we visted was the DA2 Salamancan Museum of Modern Art. I was struck by the work of Daniel Verbis – Memoria 90Y2. Circles, all connecting with different sized gaps. Nails with linking strings, showing the mapping of Memory. It has helped me to reflect on my own relationship with memory. The gaps between the present and the past.

I’m currently making drawings on parchment paper using images from family photographs and placing the paper in the window from the room the photograph was taken. When the sunlight shrines through, it feels a movement passes between past and present, illuminating the time gap and bringing the figures to life.

Immersive: Exhibition – Interim Postgrad Exhibition

The Language of drawing and mark making enables me to express something raw and immediate in my experience. I am interested in the use of drawing to respond to a site and explore how a space can be transformed through the immediacy and qualities of the media.

Observational drawings of people moving and interacting within a space were the starting point for developing more personal themes and reconnecting with my practice.

Reoccurring themes within the work are the passing of time and memory. The drawings reflect feelings and sensations of being still as the world moves around me. The imagery became layered and overlapping. Tracing paper became important to express transience as shadow imagery emerged.

The pieces displayed were made in the empty house of my Grandparents before the house was sold. They are presented as visual mementos to express the nature of how memories project and emerge.

Immersive: Exhibition

immersive exhibition poster 2-page0001 (1)

Postgrad Collaboration

In September I embarked upon a new period of redirection in my art practice and started studying a postgrad in Creative Practice with Artpocket Independent Art School in Norwich. The postgrad is a bridging course between a Degree and MA to help build an Artist Practice or help refocus an existing practice. I wanted to explore and refocus my work after practising and exhibiting independently since I graduated from my Fine Art Degree in 2010.

At the end of the first term in December 2017, the postgrad students worked towards a Collaborative Project. I found the prospect of this unit scary and exciting, as I have collaborated on exhibitions and events, but I had never collaborated with Artists towards a body of work.

Our tutor Becky Tough, provided a safe and enjoyable approach to Collaboration, building us up slowly by introducing different printing techniques so we could start to get a sense of each other’s work as well as providing a technique for what we might want to make the collaborative work from. Our starting point was the Film; ‘All about my Mother’ by Director Pedro Almodóvar. We were encouraged to explore themes that interested us from the film to make visual responses, that we then wove together as the collaboration unfolded.

I found it an exciting process, learning how others work and my natural reflective process started to adapt to a more spontaneous approach, as I responded to different people and their ideas. I am a visual thinker, and I began to get visual images of how our collaboration could form and incorporate all 3 of us. Communication and leadership skills were developed, and the group needed to be held with support and sensitivity as we moved towards producing work and getting to know each other at the same time.

My visual response from the Film, was capturing shadows in drawing form to communicate the heritage echoes that were portrayed in, ‘All about my Mother’. I started developing drawings on tracing paper, layering images on top of each other, and illuminating the images with a lightbox. The collaboration weaved together ideas from drawing, sculpture and textiles, producing a final body of work that consisted of printed images onto panels of fabric. We made images from a house hold object to give a sense of the meaning of family and heritage and over laid the image to show that sense of time. The outcome was a ghostly, bodily feel to the panels.