My name is Catherine, and I’m a Fine Art / Illustrator based in East Anglia. I’m very interested in exploring memory, and using mediums of Graphite pencil, ink and dry point etching. Themes of Heritage, Journeys and Generational Family links comes through this exploration of memory. Drawing is central to my practice, and the language of drawing and mark making, enables me to express something raw and immediate in my experience.  I love observational drawing and returning to places that hold strong memories to draw. This is often the starting point to my work, and then I take photos and work in layers with different mediums back in my studio. 

I have a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the University for the Creative Arts, and am currently studying a Masters in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. I’m looking forward to exploring memories through story telling and illustration. 

I have exhibited across the UK, including the prestigious Turn the Page Artist Book Fair in Norwich. I have been shortlisted for the Holt Festival Art Prize, and have work in the permanent collection East Contempory Art at the Waterfront Gallery in Ipswich. 

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Photo Credit: Jason Wymer  

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  1. Wesley Joseph says:

    I love you and your artwork so much! You’re the most wonderful human being I’ve ever met!

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