Happy New Year and Gelli Plate Printing

I hope its been a wonderful beginning for you. As we move into the season of Resolutions, I like to use this time to reflect on my intentions for the year. As I move through my MA course, I would like to bring more Play into my Creative Practice.

I recently listened to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, A Book about unleashing your creativity beyond the fear that can hold you back. One idea Gilbert explores, is following your curiosity. She recalls a story of being interested in growing a Garden. She follows her curiosity and became interested in the History and Origins of the flowers she was planting. This became the starting point to her novel, The Signature of All Things. A story about an 18th century Botanical Explorer.

I found this idea of following your curiosity and letting it lead you into the unknown, really exciting!

For Christmas I got a Gelli Plate, which is an experimental and fun way to make a monoprint at home. I started collecting leaves, twigs and textures from my walks in Thetford Forest. I used the textures of the prints as starting points, and then drew with pen and ink over the top. The experimental nature can sometimes be frustrating, but its been a great lesson to let go, enjoy the process, and see where it takes me?!

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