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Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios 19


Dear Friends,

You are warmly invited to my Open Studios in Wells, as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios Scheme. Through Graphite and Dry point etching my work communicates a sensory atmosphere of a transient moment that now lingers as a memory.

I will be open 10am-5pm;

25th, 26th and 27th May
1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th June

3 other Artists are also exhibiting in Wells and we are hosting an Art Trail, so I encourage you to come for the day and experience the diversity of painting, printmaking and textiles in the beautiful setting of Wells.

When you visit my studio and sign up to my mailing list, you will be entered into a prize draw to win an original drawing at the end of Open Studios


Children’s Picture Book Summer School

This gallery contains 5 photos.

This summer I attended the most wonderful Summer School with the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin, spending a week developing a Children’s Picture dummy Book. We had amazing lectures giving us insight into the Picture book Industry and … Continue reading

End of Year Show; Incisive Exhibition


My work explores concepts of time and communicating a sensory atmosphere of impermanence, of a transient moment that existed and now lingers as a memory. Using mediums of Graphite and Dry Point Etching, themes of Heritage, Journeys and generational links of the Family are manipulated to communicate how memory becomes projected and distorted.

drawing is central to my practice and I have been using parchment paper which allows me to layer up compositions and capture a sense of the transience of time. Through the semi-translucent material shadow imagery emerges as a visual representation of memory. A ghostly, melancholic feel is produced that processes a feeling of loss and grief.

The Language of drawing and mark making enables me to express something raw and immediate in my experience. I am interested in the use of drawing to respond to a site and explore how a space can be transformed through the immediacy and qualities of the media. On my last visit to my Grandparents house I became interested in how memory becomes projected and distorted. I have begun to explore this through the shadows cast inside and outside the house and the shapes formed by the buildings on my walk between my house and theirs.

Dry point Printing has become an extension of drawing and allowed me to play and experiment further with a sensory sensation. Repeating an image to create movement in the composition and fading ink, further explores the projection and distortion of shadow as a visual memory.

The Artpocket Postgrads had our end of year show at Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich and was curated by our wonderful tutor, Becky Tough.

Artpocket Postgrad

In September 2017, I started studying a Postgraduate Programme in Creative Practice with Artpocket UK, an independant Art School based in Norwich. The course is run by tutor Becky Tough who previously taught at Norwich City College. These images above are work I have created in the first term, using Collage and pencil rubbing, and exhibited in December for Artpocket’s Winter Exhibition. We made work inspired by the film, ‘All about my Mother’, by director Pedro Almodova. My work explores a narrative about the adoption of my Mother, with a sense of a missing story, and how she created her own story when she had her own family.

To find out more about Artpocket and the courses they run;


Earsham Street Gallery Group Exhibition

Exhibition Invite

I am very happy to be exhibiting at the Beautiful Earsham Street Gallery, in a group show with other contemporary Artists.

The Exhibition runs from the 26nd October – 22nd November

36 Earsham Street, Bungay, Suffolk NR35 1AQ

with a Private on Saturday 26th October 12 noon – 3pm

Turn The Page Artists Book Fair 2013

‘Catherine’s New Outfit

We were on our way to the Summer Fun Fair, after taking this photograph. I had just bought Catherine a new summer dress and took her photo because she felt very special dressed up to go to the fair.

Catherine had a lovely afternoon going on all the rides, her favourite being the tea cups, which she went on more than once.

We had almost run out of money, and we knew Catherine wouldn’t want to come home, so we bribed her with with an Ice Cream so she wouldn’t scream all the way home.

Hooray it worked!’

I am very excited to be exhibiting again at Turn The Page Artists Book Fair 2013, and will be developing my concepts of memory further in this years exhibition. Last year I exhibited a series of work where I drew personal memories in a line drawing into a gesso’ed surface that I covered in graphite and asked my parents to erase. By revealing the lined image this triggered a memory of their own that I typed up and bound into a book. Reading Susan Sontag’s book; ‘Theory of Photography’, I became interested in why we take photographs of ourselves as a proof of existence, a self-preservation  of making an imprint on the world and not being forgotten.The idea was to portray my life in a series of snapshots but through someone else’s perspective to link back to the ‘theory of photography’ and showing my own fears of being forgotten and wanting to leave an imprint on the world.

In this years exhibition I will be creating a room installation, with Gesso memory drawings hung on the walls to represent photographs in a home. We take photographs to display in our homes, so I want to take my work into this original setting. These drawings will be representing my relationship to impermanence showing a self-preservation  of making an imprint on the world and not being forgotten. I feel that there is a part of me that is not impermanent  and by myself removing part of the surface it shows this fragility. There will be memory books propped up on a book shelf, that will include a memory from my parents and grandparents, with each book relating to a drawing on the wall, that will include written memories triggered by the image.

The memory drawings are created by working from an existing photograph, but I haven’t included myself in the drawings. I want to leave them open to interpretation by the audience as if it could be their own memories, I will provide a chair to encourage the audience into the room space to sit down and read the memory books while taking in the drawings. The audience completes the work and concept by coming into the space and projecting their own imagination into what could be happening in the memory drawings, which provokes their own relationship to memory and impermanence.

TTP13 will be happening on the 3rd and 4th May at the Forum in Norwich, I hope to see you there.


In my recent work I have been exploring memory, which to me is like an archive as your memory stores, retains and recalls information from your life. I have been doing a little research  into Cognitive Psychology as this looks into how your brain processes visual information, memory, problem solving and language. I have been exploring what triggers a memory, whether it’s a smell or a visual imagery and seeing what memories this triggers. To show how I process visual imagery in thought and consciousness.

This has been a very interesting project as I haven’t been consciously choosing my subject matter I have been letting my sub-conscience choose it for me. This is very important for me because in the past I have been stuck on the same subject matter returning time and time again to the same things. With this way of working I have a sense of Freedom and I am enjoying the journey.

Over the last year writing has become important in my practice by exploring language with imagery. It’s almost as if one can’t be used with out the other. Some information is better said with words and others with imagery. With this the use of book making has crept into my work, what with the Collective Exhibition at Waterstones last year, which has been a great influence on my work.

I have recently discovered a website, 1001 journals which is a really exciting project where a journal is sent from person to person adding writing, drawings, pictures whatever they want. I thought this would be a really exciting way to move my project on, so I have registered with the project and am going to set up a journal for memories. I will write a memory and then pass it onto the next person, they will read my memory and write down what memory is triggered from reading mine. They will pass it onto the next person who will read the last entry and write their memory that was triggered from the last memory and so on.  So the memories are like a journey. You can write, draw, stick in pictures, what ever you like. I have set up a profile and group on my journal is number 4048 if anyone would like to take part.