Drawing Retreat

Drawing brings awareness of the relationship between ourselves and the subject that we draw. Meditation helps that relationship, by bringing us into a deeper connection with ourselves. When we connect deeply with ourselves, connecting with others and the world naturally flows.

I’ve spent a week drawing and meditating in the Scottish countryside of Loch Voil at Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre. I wanted to explore bringing my art and meditation practices closer together, and how drawing and meditation can compliment each other. The drawing exercises that we explored, helped us to use drawing as a way of looking and taking in more of our surroundings.

I felt tenderly sensitive as my heart opened to the beauty of my surroundings and the community of people that shared this creative journey with me. I can feel that love is everywhere, all around us. I just sometimes forget to listen.

For more drawings, check out my Instagram page @cathwardart


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