Life Drawing in Berlin

In May I went on a Drawing Holiday to Berlin with Drawing Escapes , led by the wonderful and experienced Tutor Martyn Blundell. Martyn has a wealth of experience in leading drawing workshops from his career in lecturing at many different Universities including Central St Martins and Nottingham Trent.

Drawing on holiday in a new environment was an exciting and challenging experience. I was more sensitive and open to new sights, sensations and sounds that translated into my drawing with a heightened curiosity to the human form. Inspired by the architecture of Berlin I was interested in line and form within my drawing. I was introduced to new approaches to looking and drawing that has translated into my artistic practice with how I respond to capturing light.

I discovered new Artworks at the Magic Bean Gallery from Artist Seungmo Park. His work is engaged with the evanescent properties of seeing and sensing, and the transitory nature of perception.

I was very moved visiting Berlin, with its rich and poignant history. The arresting sculpture that marks where the Berlin Wall stood, and the coffin like concrete of the memorial to the murdered Jews. The simplicity and rawness of the material gives voice to the harrowing echoes of the past.

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