Degree Show

Reading Susan Sontag’s book; ‘Theory of Photography’, I became interested in why we take photographs of ourselves as a proof of existence, a self-preservation  of making an imprint on the world and not being forgotten.

I became interested in museums and how they preserve the history of a generation in a collective memory.

The images are a personal memory of mine, which I covered in graphite and asked my parents to erase and reveal the image to trigger a memory of their own. I wanted to display some memories of my life in a series of snapshots, with the image carved into the gesso surface echoing my imprint on time. This body of work is exploring personal and collective memory, linking back to the ‘theory of photography’ and showing my own fears of being forgotten and wanting to leave an imprint on the world. I have achieved this by the audience viewing my life through someone else’s perspective, in this case my parents.

I asked my parents to partake, because they will have a lot of the same memories as me, but from a different viewpoint, which links back to the collective memories of a museum.

There are 8 memories from my parents typed into a book that respectively relate to each image. The book has influenced the curration of the work because I want the audience to read and take in the images from left to right the way you would read a book

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