Michael Fleming

Hello Michael,

I am putting out a blog post incase you visit my site again because the email you supplied in the contact sheet, wouldn’t deliver when I tried to email you back. I would be very happy to discuss doing a commission for you.

This is my email cath_ward@live.co.uk

Best wishes,


Earsham Street Gallery Group Exhibition

Exhibition Invite

I am very happy to be exhibiting at the Beautiful Earsham Street Gallery, in a group show with other contemporary Artists.

The Exhibition runs from the 26nd October – 22nd November

36 Earsham Street, Bungay, Suffolk NR35 1AQ

with a Private on Saturday 26th October 12 noon – 3pm


Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios

2013 was my 2nd year exhibiting during the scheme and organising the Wells Art Trail with 11 other Artists. It was really nice being in contact with other Artists, sharing experiences and being part of the community. I had visitors from across Norfolk and beyond and enjoyed discussing and seeing them interact with my work, thank you very much to everyone that came to visit me. I had a Raffle Competition for visitors to my Studio to win a memory drawing and book ‘Catherine’s New Outfit’. The lucky winners are Peter & Elaine from Norwich, the work is making their way to you now! I was also very excited to be featured in the EDP and Fakenham & Wells Times, which discussed my Art Practice and Open Studios.

Turn The Page 2013

I had a wonderful couple of days exhibiting at ‘Turn The Page’ Artist’s Book Fair alongside local, national and international Artists. It was a truly inspiring exhibition pushing the boundaries and form of the book. I exhibited a memory room installation containing ‘memory drawings’ on a Gesso surface that were centred around the written memory that I bound into books. Turn The Page provided me with a unique opportunity to interact and discuss my work with the public.

Turn The Page Artists Book Fair 2013

‘Catherine’s New Outfit

We were on our way to the Summer Fun Fair, after taking this photograph. I had just bought Catherine a new summer dress and took her photo because she felt very special dressed up to go to the fair.

Catherine had a lovely afternoon going on all the rides, her favourite being the tea cups, which she went on more than once.

We had almost run out of money, and we knew Catherine wouldn’t want to come home, so we bribed her with with an Ice Cream so she wouldn’t scream all the way home.

Hooray it worked!’

I am very excited to be exhibiting again at Turn The Page Artists Book Fair 2013, and will be developing my concepts of memory further in this years exhibition. Last year I exhibited a series of work where I drew personal memories in a line drawing into a gesso’ed surface that I covered in graphite and asked my parents to erase. By revealing the lined image this triggered a memory of their own that I typed up and bound into a book. Reading Susan Sontag’s book; ‘Theory of Photography’, I became interested in why we take photographs of ourselves as a proof of existence, a self-preservation  of making an imprint on the world and not being forgotten.The idea was to portray my life in a series of snapshots but through someone else’s perspective to link back to the ‘theory of photography’ and showing my own fears of being forgotten and wanting to leave an imprint on the world.

In this years exhibition I will be creating a room installation, with Gesso memory drawings hung on the walls to represent photographs in a home. We take photographs to display in our homes, so I want to take my work into this original setting. These drawings will be representing my relationship to impermanence showing a self-preservation  of making an imprint on the world and not being forgotten. I feel that there is a part of me that is not impermanent  and by myself removing part of the surface it shows this fragility. There will be memory books propped up on a book shelf, that will include a memory from my parents and grandparents, with each book relating to a drawing on the wall, that will include written memories triggered by the image.

The memory drawings are created by working from an existing photograph, but I haven’t included myself in the drawings. I want to leave them open to interpretation by the audience as if it could be their own memories, I will provide a chair to encourage the audience into the room space to sit down and read the memory books while taking in the drawings. The audience completes the work and concept by coming into the space and projecting their own imagination into what could be happening in the memory drawings, which provokes their own relationship to memory and impermanence.

TTP13 will be happening on the 3rd and 4th May at the Forum in Norwich, I hope to see you there.


Up and coming Exhibitions

Making Space Art Exhibition – St Gregory’s Centre for the Arts, Norwich – Private view 16th April 6pm – 10.30pm and 12-6pm 17th – 21st April.

Open Studios Central Taster Exhibition – The Forum Norwich – Private View 23rd  April – Exhibitions ongoing til 26th April

Turn the Page Artists Book Fair – The Forum Norwich – 4th – 5th May

Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios – Garage Studio, 12 Waveney Close Wells – 26th May – 10th June

Greyfriars Art Festival

Today I took part in the wonderful Greyfriars Art Space Festival in King Lynn, which included lots of Art stalls, live music and poetry readings.

I showcased a new mixed media piece that had a social, environmental context. The pressed flowers are fragile and the laminate protects them. Linking them expresses how we all need to come together to protect our world.

I will be developing this installation further, so watch this space.