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Postgrad Collaboration

In September I embarked upon a new period of redirection in my art practice and started studying a postgrad in Creative Practice with Artpocket Independent Art School in Norwich. The postgrad is a bridging course between a Degree and MA to help build an Artist Practice or help refocus an existing practice. I wanted to explore and refocus my work after practising and exhibiting independently since I graduated from my Fine Art Degree in 2010.

At the end of the first term in December 2017, the postgrad students worked towards a Collaborative Project. I found the prospect of this unit scary and exciting, as I have collaborated on exhibitions and events, but I had never collaborated with Artists towards a body of work.

Our tutor Becky Tough, provided a safe and enjoyable approach to Collaboration, building us up slowly by introducing different printing techniques so we could start to get a sense of each other’s work as well as providing a technique for what we might want to make the collaborative work from. Our starting point was the Film; ‘All about my Mother’ by Director Pedro Almodóvar. We were encouraged to explore themes that interested us from the film to make visual responses, that we then wove together as the collaboration unfolded.

I found it an exciting process, learning how others work and my natural reflective process started to adapt to a more spontaneous approach, as I responded to different people and their ideas. I am a visual thinker, and I began to get visual images of how our collaboration could form and incorporate all 3 of us. Communication and leadership skills were developed, and the group needed to be held with support and sensitivity as we moved towards producing work and getting to know each other at the same time.

My visual response from the Film, was capturing shadows in drawing form to communicate the heritage echoes that were portrayed in, ‘All about my Mother’. I started developing drawings on tracing paper, layering images on top of each other, and illuminating the images with a lightbox. The collaboration weaved together ideas from drawing, sculpture and textiles, producing a final body of work that consisted of printed images onto panels of fabric. We made images from a house hold object to give a sense of the meaning of family and heritage and over laid the image to show that sense of time. The outcome was a ghostly, bodily feel to the panels.

Artpocket Postgrad

In September 2017, I started studying a Postgraduate Programme in Creative Practice with Artpocket UK, an independant Art School based in Norwich. The course is run by tutor Becky Tough who previously taught at Norwich City College. These images above are work I have created in the first term, using Collage and pencil rubbing, and exhibited in December for Artpocket’s Winter Exhibition. We made work inspired by the film, ‘All about my Mother’, by director Pedro Almodova. My work explores a narrative about the adoption of my Mother, with a sense of a missing story, and how she created her own story when she had her own family.

To find out more about Artpocket and the courses they run;


Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue: 2017

This year I am very pleased to have my work published in the Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue: 2017

‘The Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue is an initiative that aims to bring a broad selection of work in all artistic disciplines into contact with the wider Triratna Buddhist community. It hopes to shed light on the process of creating a Buddhist culture and society that is relevant and accessible to modern people.’ 

Studio Space, new work and Open Studios ’15


Dear Friends,

I had a little break from sending my quarterly newsletter over the winter as my Grandma passed away in February. I will greatly miss bringing her into my Artwork but very grateful for all the memories that she shared with me.

I am exciting to be communicating with you again and share my news with you. In November 2014 I moved into a new Studio Space based in Norwich on Bedford street, called the ‘Norwich Art Studios Project’. The project is owned by Tom Potter who also runs ‘Space Studios’ on Swan Lane. I have settled well into my new Studio Space and have been getting ready for this years Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios


Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios

During this years Open Studios I will be exhibiting in Norwich at the Norwich Buddhist Centre in a group called ‘Art at the Norwich Buddhist Centre’. You are warmly invited to see how six Buddhist Artists are responding to contemporary issues and express themselves through their artwork. This exhibition will be a rich mixture of painting and photography and my Gesso Drawings.

We will be open 11am-5pm on 23rd,24th,25th,29th,30th,31st May and 5th,6th,7th June, with a private view on Friday 29th May 730-930pm.

For more details about the Artists please visit or our listing on the Open Studios website

I hope to see some of you there, Open Studios have been some of the highlights of my Artist career because it provides me with the opportunity to share and discuss my work with people first hand


My Work

Memory is a selective and interpretive process, I notice this as I get older and reflect on the same memory, my interpretation of that memory changes over time. This interpretation of memory greatly influences my relationship with identity. As I loosen my relationship with memory from something that is fixed to a flowing and changing of a process, I realise that I see my identity as something that is fixed!

Recently I went to a literary evening with Jeanette Winterson and bought her memoir, ‘Why be happy when you could be normal’. I was struck by something that she said about in the 1970’s women were expected to write from experience and men were expected to write from imagination, and she thought, ‘Why can’t my writing be a bit of both’. This got me thinking about how my memories influence my identity. How can I loosen my relationship with my identity to see that it is fluid and changing. I photocopied my family photos and started to play around with creating new compositions. I have created two new drawings for Open Studios that consist of two existing photographs that I have spliced together to create a new composition. Two existing memories creating something new to explore the fluidity of identity.

I will be exhibiting this new series, ‘Memory as Identity’ alongside my original memory series and the Yatra Walking Series

Open Studios and Taster Exhibition

Open Studios ’14

2014 will be my 3rd year opening up my garage studio in Wells for the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios. Open Studios has played a big part in my art practice since graduating as it has opened up my work to a much vaster audience. This is very integral to my practice as my art work gives me another voice to communicate with others about who I am through my experiences. I see art as a continuing conversation with the world  and I feel very fortunate to everybody that has visited my studios and interacted with me and my work as it allows me to have a deeper understanding of myself and others.

For information about my studio location, and opening times please visit my artist profile on the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios website

Central Taster Exhibition
I will also be exhibiting during the Open Studios Central Taster Exhibition. This is an excellent opportunity for potential Open Studios visitors because this exhibition holds Artists from all over the county involved in the scheme and will give you an idea of what Artists you might like to visit.
I will be invigilating on Friday 18th between 3-6, and working on a gesso drawing, so please come and say hello if you are in Norwich.
The location is in the beautiful and spacious atrium in the Forum, Norwich. It is free to visit and will be open from Friday 18th – Wednesday 23rd April, 9.30am-6.30pm. For more infomation please visit the forum website

East Contemporary Art: A collection of 21st Century Practice

I was very excited to be apart of the East Contemporary Art Collection, which is currently on display at the Water Front Gallery, University Campus Suffolk

The collection is the initiative of Robert Priseman and Simon Carter who set out to create a new contemporary art collection, distinct from the historic collections yet complimentary to them. Through their commitment and vision, and the generosity of the artists from the East of England who have donated works, they have created a collection that showcases the vast range of artistic talent and excellence within the region.

Robert Prisemans says,

“The East Contemporary Art Collection is home to some of the very best contemporary art held in East Anglia. It provides a gateway for anyone who wishes to see some of the finest examples of work by artists of national and international importance living and working in the East of England today.”

This is a permanent collection that captures the diversity of practice in the region and re – affirms the importance of artists’ work to our creative journey.

The collection contains art from a wide range of media which will be exhibited in the Waterfront Gallery over a series of exhibitions.

27th November 2013 – 15th January 2014, Water Front Art Gallery, Monday – Friday 9 am – 6pm