It has been a great experience expanding my own concepts into the memories of others. Above are some examples of previous commissions that I have worked on. My gesso drawings are created by making a mark into the gesso and colouring in the surface with a pencil. I then rub away some of the surface to allow parts of the memory to seep through. I have worked with my customer and got to know the image so I can bring out the character of the memory for them. I use black and white to create and capture the mood of the drawing, and for the top piece I was focussing on the light and how it gently shines on the bridesmaids and creates the intimate moment as they walk down the aisle in the church. 

I am available for commissions and can can recreate a precious memory from an existing photograph into a unique gesso drawing.

If you allow me about a month to create the commission, as it takes a couple of weeks to lovingly prime the boards with about 10 layers of gesso, that need time in between to dry before being sanded to create the smooth surface that I work on.


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