In my recent work I have been exploring memory, which to me is like an archive as your memory stores, retains and recalls information from your life. I have been doing a little research  into Cognitive Psychology as this looks into how your brain processes visual information, memory, problem solving and language. I have been exploring what triggers a memory, whether it’s a smell or a visual imagery and seeing what memories this triggers. To show how I process visual imagery in thought and consciousness.

This has been a very interesting project as I haven’t been consciously choosing my subject matter I have been letting my sub-conscience choose it for me. This is very important for me because in the past I have been stuck on the same subject matter returning time and time again to the same things. With this way of working I have a sense of Freedom and I am enjoying the journey.

Over the last year writing has become important in my practice by exploring language with imagery. It’s almost as if one can’t be used with out the other. Some information is better said with words and others with imagery. With this the use of book making has crept into my work, what with the Collective Exhibition at Waterstones last year, which has been a great influence on my work.

I have recently discovered a website, 1001 journals which is a really exciting project where a journal is sent from person to person adding writing, drawings, pictures whatever they want. I thought this would be a really exciting way to move my project on, so I have registered with the project and am going to set up a journal for memories. I will write a memory and then pass it onto the next person, they will read my memory and write down what memory is triggered from reading mine. They will pass it onto the next person who will read the last entry and write their memory that was triggered from the last memory and so on.  So the memories are like a journey. You can write, draw, stick in pictures, what ever you like. I have set up a profile and group on my journal is number 4048 if anyone would like to take part.

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  1. You took part too? x

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