“There may be reasons of a conscious and unconscious nature, why an artist returns time and again to a specific motif, why it pre-occupies his imagination”

                                                    Schiele, Reinhand Steiner

I usually return to the same subjects with my work as I have always been interested in Portraits, especially expressions in faces. I’m intereseted in skill and concept when making a painting and want to explore this in my work. I’m interested in Language and communication and communicating my ideas to others. I like using Oil primarily but have recently been experimenting with using different media and layering them, for example pencil, ink and acrylic.

I have recently been interested in Memory. Memory to me is like an archive as your Memory stores, retains and recalls information from your life. I have been doing some research into Cognitive Psychology as this looks into how your Brain processes visual imformation , memory, problem solving and language. I want to explore what triggers a memory. Maybe a smell or a visual imagery  and what memory this triggers, to show the process of a memory and how I process visual imagery in thought and consciousness.

I think langauge and communication is important for contempory art practice in relation to painting because I think it’s important to try and let the audience engage with painting more. To understand it, as concept has been so dominant in modern art I think unless you study and know about art you dont really understand it.

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